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Comfortable doesn’t have to mean unflattering—and we made a shoe to prove it.



If you are just starting out or want to do them for fun, or just not quite up to the Easy Roller, the Cake baller is a great tool to keep them all a uniform size! You may still have to re-roll them, but they are a great start. They are 1.25 inches in diameter.  IF YOU REQUIRE A SIGNATURE FOR THIS DELIVERY PLEASE LET US KNOW IN THE NOTES OF YOUR ORDER.  SIGNATURE IS AVAILABLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL $3.00 BUYER ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOST OR STOLEN PRODUCTS.

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1 review for Cake Baller

  1. JC

    Great product! 27-28 grams, can get 31 cake pops from one cake box mix. Use gloves so fingers won’t be to uncomfortable when holding the product. I bought this over a year ago and never used it until now.

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Cake Baller