About Us


About Us

My name is Jennifer Cucci and I’m the developer of the Easy Roller. Like most great tools, the Easy Roller was developed out of personal need. You see, my journey began as a Cake Popper, those delicious treats that have started to take over the nation.

Est. 2017

Our Story

Just months ago you were hard-pressed to find someone who knew what cake pops were, let alone companies making them. Now, they are “popping” up in every bakeshop, supermarket, and coffee house. The cake pop craze was becoming mainstream and as orders accumulated; I reached my productivity capacity and was feeling the rolling pain in my hands.

As I searched for a machine that would relieve my pain I couldn’t find one that did the job.  My search continually came up empty, desperate to find an “easier way”, I decided to build one myself. Over several months and through trial and error with different materials and processes, the Easy Roller was born.  Content with developing the product for myself I soon discovered that ALL of my baking peers shared my same need and would benefit from this time-saving device.

I learned in some cases shops were declining to make cake pops due to the amount of effort involved, literally throwing business away. The real value of my product is its simplicity. It reduces your labor, increases your productivity, creates product consistency but more importantly ELIMINATES the fear of growing your business, by making the rolling easy, hence the name the EASY ROLLER.


Our Clients Reviews

Every time I roll out a quick 80 cake balls with my east roller, I want to email you and profess my undying love for you … but that would be stalker-ish … so I don’t … but don’t for a second think I am not contemplating it! LOL


Dawn InzitariCustomer

Wish I had remembered but I think I was working. Love your roller, just whipped out 200 cakepops for a company.
It’s the darn arranging that now takes so much time.

Kim BarrettCustomer

Thanks Jennifer! I received the roller and after the first time using, I was about ready to sell it on ebay….however….I am now IN LOVE with it! A little practice does make perfect! Thanks from Sweet Pops – Cake Pops

Sweet Pops – Cake PopsCustomer

Hey Jenn – just wanted to tell you again how awesome the cake ball roller is! I am doing a fund raiser and this has made the task of making cake balls very easy! Not sure I would have gotten this many done so quickly w/out it.. looking forward to the inserts~!

Tracy TurnerCustomer

Just rolled out 80 pops in 20 minutes.
That…Was…AWESOME!! :o)

Zoraya Pena JenningsCustomer

I used my Easy Roller for the first time today! So happy with it!
I can’t believe the time I saved. 🙂

Misha Kuehn SmithwickCustomer

I must say how lusciously delectable.
Your cake pops are!

Glynise MartinCustomer

Your cake pops are delish!! I am not a cake eater but had one (ok, a couple) at the pink & blackjack affair and am HOOKED! Yummm!!


Jennifer thank you dearly for the amazing cake pops! I’ve had a non-stop line of nurses in my room expressing appreciation and asking where they can buy them! From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much!


Delivering cake pops to my customers is such a hit! It’s a sure way to get noticed. I’m everyone’s best friend on cake pop delivery day!


Key People

My name is Jennifer Cucci.

I’m the developer of the Easy Roller.