TIPS and TRICKS….The Food Processor

So for those of you that know me, met me at a show or have purchased an Easy Roller, I am sure you have heard me discuss my food processor.  In my everyday quest to make things easier and more practical, I have found that by using a food processor to knead my cake it drastically cuts down on labor, but more importantly saves my hands the pain of kneading.  What normally would take someone 10-15 minutes to knead by hand takes 90 seconds in the food processor.  Whether you use my amazing Easy Roller (shameless plug), or still roll by hand, the food processor will still save you time and effort giving you a perfect consistency to roll balls.

A lot of people ask me how much frosting I use.  The answer is NONE !!! (well 9 times out of ten anyways – sometimes I will inadvertently dry a cake out, so a tbs or so is all that is sometimes needed)  Most people use frosting as a binding agent when kneading by hand.  You need it.  However the food processor eliminates that need, crumbling the cake to the point where it uses the cakes natural ingredients to bind.  Now if you or your customers like the flavor of the additive you can still use it, I would put it all in with the cake at once and then turn the processor on.   This helps it seep into the dough you are creating and it won’t get to mushy to fast.

The food processors that will get the job done are fairly inexpensive; you don’t need anything fancy to cut cake.  I use a 14 cup and can fit an entire “boxed cake” in it.  I couldn’t imagine going back to kneading by hand!!  In fact I believe in this process so much that I am giving one away! Check out my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter (@BestCakePops) to be entered into the drawing!  Who doesn’t like FREE STUFF!


This is how we roll!