Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake Pops


By Popular Demand… How I make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake Pops!  Make your cake pop dough, this is how I do it in case you were wondering!

We always start with The Easy Roller around here!  Whether using it to roll perfect cake balls or just to portion cake dough it is a amazing tool that gives you great results everytime.  For these TMNT cake pops, even though they are hand formed I will start with a ball shape.  So I will use my Easy Roller to make all the cake dough into 1.25″ rounds.

 Once you roll all the cake balls take a cake ball and a cake pop stick.

Find the middle of the cake ball and indent the cake ball in a half circle shape across the front of the cake ball.  This is going to be the “nose”

Next, use your fingers to further shape the cake ball.  By using your thumb and index finger on both hands, indent the cake ball to make the “checks” or the head shape.  Like this:

Now for the finishing touches… You have the basic shape, you just need to even it all out.  Press the top half of the cake back to the start of the indention for the “eye” area, ” and the bottom part of the ball will be rounded out for the “nose” area. Basically use your fingers to even out the indentions and make it look like this face shape:

Put these in the fridge till they are a little firm.  Not too long as we don’t want them to crack, just long enough to where you are comfortable dipping.  I put them in the cake pan with tin foil on top and put it in the fridge until I have all the candy melts ready for dipping.

For dipping, start with green and then I added a little red to get the darker TMNT green color!  Then dip the entire cake pop into the green candy melts.

Next is time for Eyes!  I used little peal sprinkles.  Dab a bit of candy melts and place it where the eyes should go and then place the 2 sprinkles for eyes, like this:

It helps to have a cool cake pop stand to work with;)!

Let the eyes set, so they don’t fall off;)!!  Next take the color you want to work with and pipe a circle around each eye and then pipe a line around the whole head, don’t worry if its a little off, there is more to do:)!   Like this:

Once that dries go back and outline the top and bottom of the eyes to make the mask shape:

Then one more out line inside that line (to give the mask some thickness) and dot the eyes with edible pen!

Draw on the mouth, and keep going with the other colors!  BTW the yellow TMNT is really Orange;)!!