Love Bugs

  Get ready to use those Heart making skills to make some Quick ad Easy “Love Bugs!” …you can also switch up the hearts, make them dots for Lady Bugs!









Here are the supplies used!   Lollipop Sticks, Red Candy melts, Milk Chocolate Almond Bark, microwave safe bowl,  Heart jimmies (optional) and of course Cake Dough!


I (…Of Course) use the Easy Roller to roll out all my pops!  So fast and easy!  21 cake balls at time… Or if you just make cake pops for your family and friends you might like the NEW Mini Easy Roller 🙂








Then melt the Red Candy Melts in the Microwave on 50% power in 30 second intervals and stir each time (even if you think you don’t need to)!  If they get too hot they will not be as red when they dry, they will have a white waxy looking coat to them!  Once they are completely melted put the stick into the melts and put it into the cake pop!








Continue to dip the entire pop into the red candy melts!








Once you have the pop dipped you will need to place them to dry! Why not help “Save the Planet” and use something re-usable like this cute little KC Bakes Stand!








Once you have all your pops dipped in red, take the remainder of the melts and pour them into a ziplock bag! If you don’t have someone handy that will hold the bag open for you, put it around a cup and pour away:)!








Here is all my leftover red Candy Melts and I will use this later for piping some final touches!  Now take that bowl (Dont worry about washing out the little bit of red that may still be in there, it will mix with the brown and you will never know) and break off the milk chocolate almond bark (or candy melts) and melt them on 50% power and don’t forget to stir ever 30 seconds again!








Before you get to dipping with these melts reserve a little a ziplock bag and cut a tiny hole (here is where those heart skills will come in handy!!)








Next take your dry red pop and dip it a 1/4 of the way into the chocolate melts, holding the stick diagonally down.  Tap off SOME of the excess but not all of it, just enough to be able to turn it around and NOT make a mess;)!








It should look like this:)  Then quickly (before this sets) pipe a line down the center.  and as soon as you have your line turn it back to the “face in the melts” position and tap off any extra that will come off.  It will make sure the melts don’t drip down the stick and look funny and also it will tap down the center line and make it look like it’s all one:)!








See if you wait for it to set and pipe the line the line will be over the “face”








If its wet you can tap that line flat like it is here!  I like it this way best, but that’s just my opinion!








Now for the fun part!  Piping all the little hearts! I make 3 or so on each side of the line!  I think they look best when they are randomly placed!








On to the “face”  I like to pipe the hearts on for the mouth, but if you feel like they need a heart jimmy, they would work too, just dab on a bit of any color candy melt handy and “glue” them in place:)!  I like to keep them simple, so next I  just pipe two small white dots for eyes and then lightly dab a little of the brown melts in the center for the pupil, if you have some edible pens you can use those too, but if not the melts work just fine!

 What a Cute little “Love Bug!”