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Mother’s Day Cake Pops


I just LOVE the idea of having¬†a little and a¬†big version of the same type design to celebrate Mother’s Day this year!¬† This is just another example of a simple to make yet professional looking cake pop perfect for Mother’s Day!¬† What do you think?!

To make these cake pops I used the Easy roller in both the Standard 1.25″ round¬†insert (for the large version) as well as the optional 1″ round insert (for the¬†little version)

Easy¬†Roller with the standard¬†1.25″ insert (included)¬†has 7¬†rolling channels to roll 21 cake balls at a time…

With the 1″ (optional) insert attached there is 9 rolling channels and you can roll 27 cake balls at once!

¬†Sizing is important for these large/small versions of the same design cake pops as you can lose¬†the effect quite easily!¬† If the big ones are all off by a little to where the smallest “big” one¬†is the size of your biggest “small” one then it might just look like a bunch of odd sized pops instead;)!¬† See what I mean?!¬† Of course you don’t NEED the Easy Roller to ensure the sizing will be all uniform, but it sure doesn’t hurt!¬† Plus it is so much faster than scooping and weighing each one, then rolling each one.

Next dip them in your mom’s favorite colors and put a simple little drop¬†flower on top!

**To make these little drop flowers just make some pretty stiff Royal Icing and color it your favorite color (use a water based color).  Put the Royal Icing into a small piping bag, with the Wilton 2D tip (that is what I have anyway).  Hold the piping bag straight up and down, and while using even pressure push out the icing while turning the piping bag a 1/4 turn, then slowly lift up to release the icing and add a sugar pearl sprinkle at the point.  Let these sit out to dry and harden and then they are easily pulled off the wax paper and added to the cake pops:)!  I love these because they can be made far in advance (once dried, stored in an air tight container for up to 3 months) and taken out to decorate when you need them!  Beautiful cake pops in a pinch:)!

Here is a quick video, sometimes it’s easier to see it:)!


Here are mine (displayed in my KC Bakes Stand …of course), but I cant wait to see how yours turn out!!