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The Art of Cake Pops

I was recently given the opportunity¬†to Review AND give-a-way Noel’s (from the Cake Poppery¬†on Facebook) Newest Cake Pop¬†Book, The Art Of Cake Pops!


This book really has it all!¬† It is so detailed and has so much useful information I just couldn’t put it down.¬† I would have saved so much cake, so many candy melts, so much time and so much aggravation if only I would have had access to this knowledge from the start!!

I must say, we do things different, him and I, but mainly because Noel went to culinary school where as I only wish I did;)!  This book is not only full of extremely helpful tips and tricks, pages and pages of beautiful/ different cake pop designs, but he has also included his tested and most guarded until now CAKE RECIPES:)!!!

If you are just starting to make cake pops then¬†this book is a must read, hurry up and click here to order;)!¬† If you have been making cake pops for a few months or even a few years or are somewhere in-between, then¬†this book is also a must read, even¬†if¬†you just¬†pick it up to get a peek at all the awesome & original cake pop designs!!¬† Like the Owl’s I just made:)!

Check out these “teasers”

Yum Right?! Wouldn’t¬†these cinnamon roll cake pops¬†be amazing with a “snickerdoodle” cake as the base?!

¬†…Or get Ready for Summer with these “Sand Pail Cake Pops”

¬†…And there are 73 more amazing designs:)!!


I am sure you will learn something new or helpful that¬†you didn’t already know~ I know I did… I wonder what is left for his next book coming out in Feb/2014:)!?

Now for the Give-a-way!!

To be qualified you must like The Cake Poppery Page on Facebook and to enter, just submit your email below! Winner will be drawn at random soon:)  International entrants Welcome:

CONGRATS to Entrant #472: Erica Thornton!!  We have sent you an Email:)