Silver Shimmer Cake Pops

Silver Shimmer Cake Pops. Have you ever wondered how to make your cake pops sparkle? This is how I do it the fast/easy way! First of course you will need some cake, because to make cake pops you need cake pop dough!  To make cake dough, simply knead down your fully baked cake until it turns to a doughy consistency. I use a food processor with the chopping blade (metal swirly one).  Just pack the baked cake into the food processor (or stand mixer with the paddle attachment) and turn it on till its dough!! Like this:

food processor steps Cake Pops Easy Roller

You can also do that part by hand as well.  To get started just add a few TBS of frosting to help move the process along!  (In the mixer or food processor the frosting/binding agent is completely optional as it will turn into dough all by itself!

Next you will roll the dough you just made into balls!  I like them all the same size/ shape so I use the Easy Roller or New Mini Easy Roller (of course). It will make the cake balls (or cookies …heck even meatballs) all 1.25 inches in diameter, about the size of a ping pong ball!  The Easy Roller Rolls 21 at once and the New “Mini” will roll 9! Here is the Mini in Action!

While you are mixing up your dipping color and getting your work area prep’d pop these in the refrigerator, covered so they don’t dry out.  Cake pops are easier to dip cold. However, if they are too cold the candy coating will crack as they set, so be sure they aren’t in there too long.  20-30 minutes is long enough.

The next step is to dip these dough balls in grey candy melts.  I didn’t have grey, but I did have black and white!  I put a few black candy melts with my white almond bark and melted it down on 50% power, stirring frequently until it was melted.  Add as much black as you wish to get the grey color to your liking.

Then dip the chilled cake balls in the grey melts and set it on wax paper to dry.

Once the candy melts are dry to the touch add a little “shimmer” to them!  I just used white Pearl Dust.

If you dip the cake pops in the base color you want you don’t really need all the fancy shimmer colors for a project like this.  So I stock up on the plain white Pearl Dust and store it in my new pump brush.  I recently got this handy little tool and I love it!! The brush part is so big and fluffy I just need to tap it over 2 sides and the whole cake pop is covered!


As soon as you tap the color over your grey pops you will see your cake pops transform! I Also added a few piping swirls in white.

Silver Shimmer Cake Pops

All that is left is to wrap them up and box them for delivery! I even get the bakers twine from Papermart, I love that they have purple🙂

Hot Air Balloon Cake Pops By HCP Easy Roller 19

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