Casino Dice Cake Pops

dice done1

Who is ready for some casino themed, Dice Cake Pops?!   I use the Easy Roller every time I make cake pops, regardless if my cake pops are square dice, TMNT, or made to look like the planet Earth!  Here is how I start!

First bake/cool a cake and get the cake kneaded down to a play-doh consistency!  I like to use the food processor to bind the cake!  It takes less then 2 minutes (rather then 15 by hand) and it will always comes out the same!  Then take that dough, and pack it into the frame tightly!  I had to make 50 Dice Cake Pops so I put the frame together to be rather large.  Everyone always asks how many cakes it is I am working with… here I was working with 2!


Then take that and put it in to the Easy Roller.  When you make the frame that big, the “slab of cake dough” is a little more tricky to move around so make sure you are using the wax paper underneath to help you transport it to the Easy Roller!

Like I said I formed the frame rather large!  I made the frame to be the size of the Easy Roller board so I could maximize ALL the chambers at one time, since I had more cake pops to make!  Next I used the lid to cut out the strips of dough:

Now since I do not need to roll the Dice (they will be square!) I am just going to line up all these cake strips or logs the other way on the Easy Roller!

 Now I will use the lid one more time to cut them again!  By the way, this is also how I cut all my Homemade Marshmallows, or just use it as a portioning tool in general.  I just stamp the lid down once when I use it to cut, there is no sliding back and forth;)


No need to count all those… there are 49 pieces!! …and they are all the same size/weight!  It took me like 1 minute;)!!  They look like this when I take them out of the Easy Roller!

They are ALMOST square!  I almost left them like this, but then decided since that took me no time at all I would make the sides a little thicker!  If I wanted to use more cake I could have made the frame higher, used more cake to fill the frame and when I cut out these little pieces they would have been more square, but I didn’t think of that till a little later in the evening;)  These cake pieces would have made excellent Scrabble Cake Pops…just sayin’ 😉

To form them a little more square I use a piece of wax paper and push down each side of the cube till it is square.

I wanted to make White Dice, Red Dice, and “Fuzzy Dice” just to have a fun assortment! So starting with white…. Melt down your white candy melts:

and start dipping:)!

Then continue with the Red!  I hate using the primary colors when I dip!  You just need too much dye to make it yourself and I feel like it alters the taste!  Or with the pre-colored ones, if they are not the right temperature they will cloud over with a white-ish look to them when they dry, or you just have a hard time getting them to be as bright as they should be:(  So my solution?! Sanding Sugar!  Basically just dyed granulated sugar;)! They do add a little more of a texture to the cake pop, like a sugar crust, but not a “hurt your teeth if you bite down” kind of thing;)! Sometimes I just look at certain sprinkles and think of my poor teeth if I bite down on that…. I try to avoid mass quantity of those kind of hard sprinkles;)!

So dip the pop in the white candy melts and then before the white sets, pour the red sanding sugar over the entire dice pop!

How cute are these red dice, they even have a kind of sparkle about them:)!

Next to prepare our “fuzzy dice cake pops” you will need some Oreo’s and a food processor (Or a way to turn the cookies into a fine crumb)

This is my little 3 cup food processor, I now use this size for “toppings” So in the Oreo’s go and in just a few seconds….

I probably could have taken out the middle creme and the Oreo crumbs would have been dryer, finer and easier to work with, but…it was late and I was lazy 😉

Then melt down your chocolate candy melts

Dip the cake pop in the chocolate candy coating and before it sets dip each side into the Oreo crumbs:

Once all the sides are coated they will look like this!  There is nothing better then an Oreo covered cake pop too by the way;)!!

Now all that is left to pipe on a bunch of dots!!  I used the chocolate candy melt leftovers on the white dice and the white candy coating leftovers on the Red Dice, and the “fuzzy dice” 🙂  Here is how they turned out!! What do you think?!

…I hope you learned a little something from this post and if you like what we are doing around here I would SO LOVE if you could help us out, help us keep doing what we are doing?  Share our Easy Roller with your Family and Friends 🙂