Soft Kraft Marshmallow Bits

I LOVE Marshmallows!!  All the different shapes colors and sizes really!! So when I found these new Kraft Marshmallow Bits I got so excited:)!! These are crunchy, like the marshmallows in hot chocolate or in cereal like “Lucky Charms” and who doesn’t love Lucky Charms?!  However I have been looking for a marshmallow the size of these bits but soft like the regular Jet-Puffed Marshmallows to add into my cake pop dough.  I have heard of bakers cutting the mini marshmallows in 4’s to get little bit sizes, but who has the time for that?!  …Then it happened!!! I accidentally figured out how to make these Bits Soft!! Here is all you need!

Some sort of closing baggy, like these gallon size Ziplock bags, the Kraft Marshmallow bits and then a bag of regular Marshmallows!

Dump the two kinds of marshmallows into one bag, close it up and forget about them overnight!

That is it, look they are soft!!

You can see it better in this one!  You wouldn’t be able to do this if it weren’t soft:)!  Out of the Marshmallow Bit’s Container they hold their shape and cannot be flattened like this!!

Yay!! Soft marshmallow bits I can mix into my Cake Pops!!  …Or you can just eat them plain, no one will know;)!

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