Rainbow Middle Cake Pops

rainbow balls

Rainbow Middle Cake Pops for a Gender Reveal Party!!

I made my first Baby Shower Reveal Cake Pops just over 3 years ago!!  Wow!  How the time flies!!  Back then I colored all the cake blue for the middles, so when they bit into the cake pop, they saw the-mom-to-be would be having a boy!!  This time I decided why not make this a game?!   Here is the idea… All the cake pops will have a rainbow colored middle and then one lucky winner would get the solid colored pink or blue pop?! Tasty and Fun right?!  Well I thought so!!

To make rainbow centers for the cake pops simply bake a white cake and after it cools put 1/3 of the cake into the food processor with a couple drops of one color!  (for these pops I made a Pink, Blue and Yellow rainbow)!   Here is the Pink:

After I tuned it on, it started to look like this:


And finally this:

Then continue on… Here is the yellow:

And finally the Blue!  I just did three colors, but of course you can do more of the Rainbow if you’d like!

Take all this cake dough and individually knead them into log shapes!  Make sure to reserve just about 1 oz of the “winning” color;)!

Then take these and pull it all into one. like this:

Next I used the frame for the Easy Roller and Rolled this into the frame tightly!  See here:

See how cool when I take off the frame:

Next place this into the Easy Roller and cut out Strips to roll!

Then lay three of the log shapes the other way into the Easy Roller:

Replace the lid and slide!!

There ya go, 21 done, just like that:)!

If you didn’t have the Easy Roller this would all have to be done by hand, by taking small pieces of each color, weighing them to make sure they are all about the same and then rolling them by hand.  It can be done of course, but if you have an Easy Roller, these will be done in a snap…or a slide;)!

Next, it is easiest to dip Cake balls cold, but be careful, if they are too cold they will crack on you…  So you can put them into a tray (or your cake pan) and put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes.  Don’t forget to cover them so they don’t dry out!

I dipped them in a few different pastel colors and piped a little “?” on each one….. See the Question Marks?! 🙂

I dipped all the multi-colored cake centers and just one of the “Winning” color…..Everyone take a Cake Pop!

Now when you bite in to these Rainbow Cake Pops, they will look like this, unless you are the “winner”!!

Cool huh!! Now, what if you are the winner?!  Your cake pop will be the actual Gender Reveal Cake Pop, and since there is only one, you are the lucky winner that gets to tell the whole party if it is a baby boy or baby girl……

It’s a Girl:)!!!!!!!!!! I hope you add this fun and tasty game to the next “baby reveal party” or Baby Shower you plan:)! …brought to you by the Developer’s of the Easy Roller!