Mopping….isn’t it just your favorite chore?!  It’s a never ending task around here, since I don’t have any carpet!  And baking as much as I do, I am always moping up some sort of cake or chocolate off the floor;)!  I saw this Cyclomop while I was at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago several weeks ago!  As soon as I saw it, I was in awe!   Before I show you the cool part, here is the kit that I got!  The mop bucket with handle, a wheel base, mop stick, scrub brush, and mop head.

You don’t need the wheel base, and it is a little cheaper without it but I have a ton of floor so for me it is worth it:)! Then all you have to do is snap in the mop attachment you want!  The microfiber mop head or the plastic scrubber!

Then fill the bucket to the fill line!

Next take a look inside!  There are 2 knobs, one black one inside the bucket and then the white once in the silver basket…

Then the base of the mop has an adapter that fits into those two knobs.  Sorry for the dirty mop pic!  I forgot to take a picture of this before I mopped…but at least you can see all the dirt it picked up;)!

Here comes the fun part:)!!  You put the mop into the bucket, and place it over the black knob and feel it click into place. Then just put your foot on the lever and step down to agitate the mop in the bucket.

Then take the mop and place it into the silver basket and step on the lever again.  This will take all the excess water out of the mop!  You can take out as little or as much water as you would like!  I like to damp mop so this is perfect and just about effortless!  Then use your foot to unlock the mop head so it tilts instead of being straight up and down.

If you dont want to use the lever you can do the same thing with the mop stick.  just unlock the handle and push down….

Then put it into the silver basket and push down again until as much water as you want has been released.

Here is what my floors look like… It the kind where you can see every footprint in the light!! :/

Ahhhh, so much better, I wish the picture did it justice, but I think you can tell:)!

Next the brush attachment!  I actually used this on my tile!  Just pull off the mop head and snap in the scrubbing head!  You can really scrub out all the nooks and cranny’s 🙂

There was a show special at the NRA for this mop… and the folks over at Cyclomop were kind enough to extend that sale to my readers for the month of July:)!!

  The NRA show special price of $90.00 with the wheels and $65.00 without the wheels.  That is a $19.00 savings per unit!!  To get this deal you just have to call over there at 419-525-1010 and tell them you saw my post:)!