Heart Rate Cake Pops

Heart Rate Cake Pops are perfect for Nurses or anyone passionate about healthcare!

First, you will need some cake! Because to make cake pops you need cake dough!  To make cake dough, simply knead down your fully baked cake until it turns to a doughy consistency. I use a food processor with the chopping blade (metal swirly one).  Just pack the baked cake into the food processor (or stand mixer with the paddle attachment) and turn it on till its dough!! Like this.

food processor steps Cake Pops Easy Roller

You can also do this part by hand as well.  To get started just add a few TBS of frosting to help move the process along!  In the mixer or food processor the frosting/binding agent is completely optional as it will turn into dough all by itself!

Next you will roll the dough you just made into balls!  I like them all the same size/ shape so I use the Easy Roller or New Mini Easy Roller. It will make the cake balls (or cookies …heck even meatballs) all 1.25 inches in diameter, about the size of a ping pong ball!  The Easy Roller Rolls 21 at once and the New “Mini” will roll 9! Here’s the Mini in Action!

While you are mixing up your dipping color and getting your work area prep’d pop these in the refrigerator!  Also cover them up so they don’t dry out. Cake pops are easier to dip cold. However, if they are too cold the candy coating will crack as they set, so be sure they aren’t in there too long.  20-30 minutes is long enough.

The next step is to dip these dough balls in Red candy melts and melt it down on 50% power, stirring frequently until it’s melted.  I usually just by white chocolate flavored candy melts, and color it with oil based dye, but for the darker, primary colors.. just buy it;)!  It is really hard to get a deep enough color by mixing.

Then dip the chilled cake balls in the red melts


and set them in your favorite cake pop stand to dry.

Heart Rate Cake Pops HCP Easy Roller

Once the red candy melts are set, I piped a heart on the top left side.

If you have never piped a heart before, take a look at this video clip we did for Valentine’s Day titled “how to make hearts”

Then pipe right next to it a few up and down lines!  I thought it was easiest to pipe each line separately rather than trying to do the whole design at once.  So pipe a line diagonally up and stop, then diagonally down and stop etc.  They were crisper lines this way. Again set them in your cake pop stand to dry.

Heart Rate Cake Pops HCP Easy Roller

Heart Rate Cake Pops Hcp Easy Roller

All that is left is to wrap them up!  I choose these little 4X4 crystal clear Bags so you don’t lose the  design in the wrapping:) Heart Rate Cake Pops Hcp Easy Roller

and box them for delivery!

Heart Rate Cake Pops Hcp Easy Roller

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