Candy Clay

Here is a video on how to make Candy Clay, brought to you by the HCP-Easy Roller!  I first heard about candy clay first from “Just a Little Something”!  I wanted to learn how to make this because there is so much more you can do (decorating wise) when you can shape the candy melts and place them where you’d like and not just pipe it on:)!  It works like fondant, only I think the taste is much better:)!

If it gives you any problems here’s a tip!  This is not ideal, but will save your mix if it doesn’t turn out like you’d hoped!  If it is too soft and sticky to work with, add a little more candy melt to it!  To do this warm up the candy clay, just for about 5 seconds on 50% power, and pour some heated candy melts into the mixture and re-mix it thoroughly then let it set again!  If it is too hard to shape or isn’t as soft as you would like it, add just a bit more corn syrup, mix it thoroughly and then let it set again.  Don’t forget to check out and share our Easy Roller  with your friends and family! It’s how we keep these tutorials coming:)!