Cotton Candy Cake Pops

cotton candy cake pops

Cotton candy cake pops with sticks wrapped in striped washi tape!


First you will need to bake a cake.  This can be your best recipe or a box cake mix.  You can even pick up a pre-made cake at the store:)

White Cake HCP Easy Roller

Next you will crumble it down and turn it into a cake dough.  I do this in the food processor (or stand mixer with the paddle attachment) but you can use your hands as well!

As you can see I put the cake into the processor and added a few drops of food coloring.  Then you just have to turn it on.  It will start out looking like a dry crumb, a few seconds later the crumbs will bunch up. Finally it will ball up into a piece a dough.  Once that happens I turn it out onto wax paper and knead in the remaining crumbs.

Pink Cake HCP Mini Easy Roller

I thought it would be fun to mix up the colors for these cotton candy cake pops so I also made some blue cake pop dough, simply by adding blue food color to the baked cake in the processor.

Blue Cake

Now it is time to roll the cake pop balls!  Here is how we do it.  I put half the pink and half the blue cake dough in the frame. I roll it out tightly in the frame so the dough is touching all four sides of the frame.  Next, put the square of dough into the Mini Easy Roller to be cut. Then these dough logs are turned horizontally on the bottom half of the rollerboard (the empty space at the top is where it will roll back and forth). Finally, take the lid and cover the three dough logs.  Slide it back and forth a few times swiftly and Voila!

Cotton Candy Cake Pops by Mini HCP Easy Roller

If you pop these cake pop balls in the refrigerator just until you prepare the sticks and chocolate it will be a little easier to dip them.

Now cut a length of washi tape to cover the length of the cake pop stick. Get your piece of washi tape and roll it around the cake pop stick.

Cotton Candy Cake Pops by Mini HCP Easy Roller 3

Now dip the stick into the melted candy melts, (to melt the candy melts or almond bark, just put the candy into a microwave safe bowl and heat it in the microwave on 50% power -or defrost- for 1 minute and then in 30 second increments until melted) and into the cake pop ball. Cup the cake pop ball in your hands to make it more “cone” like. Then dip the entire cake pop into the candy melts. I dipped all the cake pops and let them set in my cake pop stand.  Once they had all set, I used a spoon to lightly coat one at a time in candy melts and apply pieces of cotton candy.  Be careful not to bunch up the cotton candy as you pull it out of the container. You want it to still be fluffy!

Cotton Candy Cake Pops by Mini HCP Easy Roller 4

Here they are all done!  They are so cute and not to mention the perfect sweet addition to your carnival candy tables or summer themed party’s!


…When you bite into these you will see they are both pink and blue in the center 🙂


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