Diet Cake Pops

How about “Diet Cake Pops?” I have been making cake pops for years now and by accident some time ago I started making “diet cake pops!”

Your typical/basic cake pop recipe is a box cake mix, baked as per the directions and then crumbed down and kneaded with some canned frosting. Of course you can get fancy and add homemade frosting or some other “Binder” or use your best scratch cake recipe, but for the most part cake pops are cake mixed with frosting until you get to a pliable dough you can roll into balls and dip into chocolate.

So how do I make these “diet” cake pops you ask?! I omit all the frosting 🙂 OK, so they are still cake and they are still dipped in chocolate but just think of all the fat and calories saved by skipping the frosting!!  Hence, Diet Cake Pops! Right?

What do I use instead you ask?  The food processor!! (You can use a stand mixer with the paddle attachment too, it just takes longer.) If you put your baked cake into the food processor you will turn that cake into a pliable cake pop dough in just a couple minutes!! Just cake!  ..your welcome!

Take a look!  Here is my baked cake and when I put it into the food processor, these are the stages it goes through in just a couple minutes!

Cake Pop Dough

Once it rolls up into a big ball in there, I turn it off and roll them into 1.25″ balls. To do this really fast I use the Easy Roller (can roll 21 at once), or New Mini Easy Roller which can roll 9! Take a look, a whole cake rolled up in a couple minutes (beats about a half hour if you ask me).

From here, just dip them in your favorite candy coating and decorate!

Dip Cake Pops Easy Roller

Besides, the most fun part of cake pops is the decorating (which is also why the Easy Rollers are so great, you can get to that part much faster!)

Because there are so many ways to decorate cake pops, and I have so many free tutorials on how to make them, you better get started!

Furthermore, now that you know they are “diet” feel free to make them all!!

Sushi Cake Pops

Gender Reveal Baby Rattle Cake Pops

 Tuxedo Cake Pops

Vintage Cake Pops

Cotton Candy Cake Pops

Owl Graduation Cake Pops

Nautical Cake Pops

Flower Cake Pops

Burlap Cake Pops

Cupids Vault Arrow Cake Pops

Crepe Paper Cake Pop Roses

Easy Christmas Tree Cake Pops

Cookie Butter Reindeer Noses

Golf balls

Green Beer

Paintball Cake Pops

Basketball Cake Pops

Earth Day Cake Pops

Easy Spider Web Cake Pops

Halloween Eyeball Cake Pops

Easy Mummy Cake Pops

Spider Web Cake Pops

Pina Colada Cake Pops

Silver Shimmer Cake Pops

POP Rock Cake Pops

Hot Air Balloon Cake Pops

Royal Icing Petunia Flower Cake Pops

Drop Flower Cake Pops

Minion Cake Pops

Casino Cake Pops

Oreo Crusted Cake Pops

Camouflage Cake Pops

Candy Corn Cake Pops

…and so many more!!  Seems like you have a lot of cake pops to make! Hence, The Easy Roller;)!!

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