Boozy Bites

Check out these Pina Colada “Boozy Bites!” Super fun, Super Easy, No Bake …and make in minutes with the Easy Roller! All you need is this pre-packaged mix, your favorite Rum and the Easy Roller with the 1 inch attachment – although you can always make them bigger with the standard insert;)!

Measure out the Rum, I used a little more than what was on the mix to form a more pliable consistency…


Pour it in to the No Bake Boozy Bite Mixture and just mix until it all starts sicking together.

Next assemble the measuring frame that came with your Easy Roller so that it is a little smaller than the amount of dough mix you have.  See how tightly it fits in there?  That is what you want!


Next, put it into the Easy Roller to be cut.
Then turn the logs the other way with a little space in between. Now set the lid right over top of that last row.  Slide forward until you can see the balls just out of the back side of the Easy Roller (If you keep going past that point they will fall off the front!) Then slide it back towards you, until you have reached your starting position …or they will fall in your lap;)!
There you go!  A whole batch rolled in seconds!

  Put your newly rolled Boozie Bites in a bowl and sprinkle powdered sugar over top.


Swirl them around until they are completely coated!


We stuck little party toothpicks in each one and that was it!  They were delicious!!


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